• Bata Mwanzo Mwisho!

    Mshindi wa TUSKER PROJECT FAME 2012 ni RUTH kutoka NAIROBI-KENYA

    Pichani: Ruth mshindi wa kwanza
    Age: 26 Years Old
    Country: Kenya

    I am a 26 year old lady born in the Western part of Kenya.
    I love music and I believe that I will die doing music because that is my passion. Aside from being a passion, I know it is a gift I got from God. It keeps me going through life's issues.
    Through music, I get to express myself easier and better.

    However, I want to use my music as a tool to speak to the voiceless out there. People who cannot speak for themselves yet they have a lot that they would want to share with the rest of the world.

    I am currently participating in the Tusker Project fame music competition and I am enjoying every bit of it despite the few surprises that come with it. I love God and I thank Him for the gift.

     Pichani: Doreen mshindi wa pili

    Age: 21 Years Old
    Country: Kenya

    Purple Diva is what they call me. Doreen Naira is the name my parents gave me... I am a lover of art, a student of nature, a poet and a girl that is crazy about the color purple...but above all these, I am a music fanatic. I come from Kenya, the closest place I know to the mythical land of milk and honey.

    I am no scientist; in fact, I believe music makes the earth go round. I am a spirited singer (music is bigger than me, than you and its greater than us all) music is not what I do it is who I am, it is through music, I believe, that I can tap into my reservoir, and give to human kind the best of me.
    It’s a unifying factor that makes us come together and bring out the best in us... Try as we may, we cannot live without music (at least I can’t)

    I want them to remember me, and when I am gone... I don’t want them to say much... Just that I was here," and boy, did she sing her heart out!" I will feel that I lived my life, and lived it well.

    Much love
    Doreen xoxox

    Pichani: Jackson mshindi wa tatu
    Age: 25 Years Old
    Country: Rwanda

    Hi I am Jackson, I am a performing artist from a beautiful country; they call it the land of a thousand hills. I am the fourth of six children and I love my mother. She always told me that if I loved something, I should do it wholeheartedly.

    Since my childhood ,I have loved music....it is my greatest passion. I believe that music has power, it inspires me. To all my fans, my music is like the spirit...it unites the body to the soul. It is good for us to know our fellow men while on earth, since the heart has a lot of secrets it hides....God gave man the ability to compose and perform music...so that we can share what is in our hearts.


    Pichani: Joe mshindi wa nne
    Age: 24 Years Old
    Country: Burundi

    Its Joe Irankunda aka Kiki in the Tusker Project Fame Academy.....

    I am from Burundi with the current help of the best East African faculty of Tusker Project Fame I’m on my way too being a singer by career! I have been singing since I was 5 years old and i would like to thank God for giving me this amazing talent that I’m learning to use skillfully every day. I’m enjoying my time here and loving it.

    I’m a caring gentleman with a natural trait of a considerate person, I care about people and I’m always compelled to make you feel better by singing to you.

    To my homies, my mom, and my beloved brother thank you for believing me. I want to be with you all, but until then, I enjoy singing for you!

    Yours always Joe.


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